Vehicle Networking Still in Its Early Stages

Such as the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford introduced the Evos of the main smart card and cloud brand new concept car, show information real-time interaction between the vehicle and the driver of the "personal cloud". Based on a detailed understanding of the preferences and driving habits of motorists, Evos personal information and other data obtained from the cloud system integration, such as driver's work schedule, local traffic or weather conditions, etc., through the integration of large amounts of information, can provide a personalized experience for the driver to travel.Positioning technology, through the GSP, wireless location technology to improve the accuracy of the location of objects in the current vehicle networking. Through the improvement of positioning accuracy, accurate access to vehicle location to improve real-time traffic accuracy of the traffic event location accuracy.Such as the United States Ford Motor Company through global positioning satellite signals to determine the location of the car and the driver the direction of the voice prompt is to use this technology.

Vehicle networking still in its early stages should be said for unmanned, no accidents, no traffic jams, smart parking, smart navigation ideal transport state compared, there is still a long way to go. Vehicle network development to more current technology and the needs of design: on the one hand to remove those difficult to achieve at this stage and slick function; the other hand, application of the latest developments in RFID and sensor. Vehicle networking applications in the Internet of Things, so technically there are a lot of overlap, such as RFID and sensors, they have their own characteristics, real-time dynamic information acquisition, processing, transmission demanding the sensor data on the mass processing and analysis of transmission is a problem.Nevertheless, the networking of cars has also been gradually from concept to application.

Car networking technology matures, 3G, CallCenter, the cloud platform and voice recognition technology has begun integration and vehicle networking industry depth, vehicle networking terminal equipment is expected to usher in the explosive growth in market demand-driven.The data show that China has more than 200,000 users are experiencing the telematics services is expected to 2015, our users will reach 40 million by 2020, controlled the size of the vehicle will be more than 200 million."In car networking craze heating up behind the vehicle product development has just started its industrial chain is still not perfect mature technology, standards, policies, funding and social resources in the long-term development process will be faced with continuous market integration Luo Baihui analysis pointed out that currently only 15% of car Internet service providers can obtain a profit, the government should be focused on building a game environment, and guide the automotive, electronics, communications, and other enterprise collaboration to jointly create the future growth of value of car networking point, in order to attract more people to participate in the development of automotive networking market.The industry believes that this year is the year of the 12th Five Year Plan "start," 12 "made it clear that the Internet of Things will focus on the deployment in the field of smart grids, smart transportation, smart logistics, finance and services. It can be foreseen that with the development and growth of China's automobile industry, following the Internet of Things, "vehicle networking will also become another sign to lead the future of Smart City.