As You Get Older You Lose Your Memory

At least this is what we are told happens. Sometimes I truly wish that were correct or at least I could wipe portions of my memory like resetting the 'Check Engine Light' on a vehicle.Like you, I have a full day typically, but I seem to manage time for reading some interesting sites and reflecting on the information there. I usually read the international financial news and help and advice for UK and EU car owners as well as selective articles on Yahoo news.Recently, I was invited by the administrator at Bloody Cars to post an article occasionally and since then I try to read more on their website. It is truly amazing at the quality, power, performance and fuel economy of the vehicles being sold to the public in the UK and EU. Especially as it contrasts to those same manufacturers products being sold to the American public.I vividly remember attending a manufacturers training class in 1995 where they were demonstrating a new diagnostic tool.

The demonstration used a new vehicle from the manufacturer and the presenter was very impressed with the large engine of the vehicle, etc, without regard to fuel economy or anything else. I asked a simple question "Why are you building these things?" To which he replied, "because the public wants them!"I asked this question because more and more customers were openly stating they wanted better fuel economy, performance, quality, engineering and safety. This new vehicle from the manufacturer was completely the opposite of these customer wants. Or in other words the manufacturer was 'out of touch with the customer.'If you are old enough to remember the Pontiac Fiero, that was a car that the marketing people at GM got exactly right. Their target market was a female, single, 23 years of age, and just getting started in their career. According to statistics I saw over 80% of all sales were to this group. So they can get it right! Side notes: after 18 months of ownership 50% of this group was married. The second owner was typically young males.I am not suggesting there is not a market segment for these high powered low fuel economy vehicles, but some thought needs to be explored for the lager customer base in the USA that desires the other benefits.An interview with Mr. Mark Reuss of GM North America on Yahoo News discussing profits, new models and engines pointed out that GM will make "new V-8 engines on its new Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups next year. But smaller engines with turbochargers may be in the offing, especially in new versions of the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickups", he said.

On the site, Bloody Cars are many articles which clearly demonstrate cars can be built that deliver what the customer wants and needs. Two articles especially show what is possible NOW from these same manufacturers.Thinking that perhaps I was out of touch with the markets, I searched and found a report of the top 10 fuel economy vehicles sold in the USA that are not hybrid vehicles.Looking closely at the specifications for the 1.6 liter Ford Fiesta which is 120bhp and 112 lb-ft of torque. That same engine in the UK currently goes up to 177 bhp. If you add in the performance chip tuning from Superchips you increase that to 211 bhp. Vauhall (GM Europe) is promising 1.6 turbo gasoline engine with up to 197 bhp while increasing fuel economy by 13%.This proves that it is possible to have the power and the fuel economy, and it begs the question whether the manufacturers are out of touch still with the American public or is there another force at work here?Why can't the American public have those vehicles from the UK and EU markets with great power, performance and fuel economy blending into our vehicle population now? Doesn't the American public deserve vehicles that get 40 to 60 miles per gallon while delivering all the other benefits?Surely the American public could find something to do with all that money NOT going into the oil companies pockets!On a side note to all the lottery, raffle and bingo players. UK motor charity SKIDZ is holding a charity raffle of a 1994 Porsche 968 setup as a track car. The raffle ends May 31, 2012 and has great odds with a very low entry fee. Here is the link;Copyright ?? 2012 JD Durham